By. Jibreel Gimba

World Day for International Justice also known as International Criminal Justice Day or International Justice Day, is observed globally on 17 July every year to recognize the strengthening system of international justice.

The day which was set aside by the UN to address justice system globally was first observed in July 17th, 1998. Since then, it has been commemorated yearly on a global scale.

This year, marks the 19th anniversary of its commemoration.

However, when one looks down memory lane, one will be convinced without any iota of doubt that, the world despite all the skyrocketing pace in technological advancement, is still very far away from realizing an equitable society devoid of injustice.

Whether it is within the family setup, immediate neighborhood, the village areas, Local Area Council, State, National, Continental or the universal global community, justice, has suffered the worst form of deprivation and marginalization.

Man’s ego, lust and unlimited greed have always led him to overlook justice in order to gain access to his heart longings and desires at all cost. Forgetting that the system of the world is designed by the al-Wise God based on the law of Karma.

The sanctuary of the nooks and crannies of the entire global terrain has been desecrated by violating simple and common laws both man-made and Devine by those who are supposedly deemed more accountable to uphold it and those who are suppose to enforce it through judgment, thereby stripping justice of its powers to subpoena and extend its long arm desirably in the right direction.

The sharp rise in crime in most societies, especially the so-called third-world-countries, cannot be excused from the absence of equitable and reliable justice system. In the absence of requisite retribution to law offenders, jungle justice has become a welcome norm in most societies.

The media, both mainstream and the not so popular, are saturated daily with news about Judges, Juries and Justices engaged in one form of deliberate misrepresentation of verdict or the other, all in the bid to obstruct justice. A clear case, is where an individual is held incommunicado in prison custody without trial for a period much longer than the determined court sentence for the crime he/she is accused of even if he or she was found guilty of the crime. An example in this case, is the case of Col. Sambo Dasuki and Ibrahim Zakzaky and so many others around the world who suffer the same fate. While protest, both internally and worldwide is still ongoing demanding that Zakzaky be released unconditionally, Col. Dasuki has no protesters to speak on his behalf. Their continued remand without proper trial is tantamount to justice delayed which is akin to justice denied.

The world, despite being equipped with enough resources that can suffice the human race, has become a bed of thorns for many people, just because the other person willingly despises the itinerary to serve justice.

Many a community, States and Nations have been destroyed due to the violation of a common application of justice.

While we commemorate this very important day, its commemoration should not just be based upon holding of mere lectures, seminars and symposia, rather, it should go beyond the papers by translating the words of the ink into action.

And as we reflect on the significance of this day and its purpose, we should also remember that, injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.

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Jibreel Gimba is an enthusiastic writer and now the Special Assistant, Media & Publicity to HRH, Dr D W Tukura the first Aguma of Bassa Turunku Chiefdom and can be reached on: 0703 850 2147.

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