The Ruling Party Or Ruling Church?


According to Wikipedia, “Ruling party is the party of the elected president in charge of the executive branch of government”. All over the world the term “ruling party” means the same because it is used in relation to politics. Politics is synonymous with government and that is okay if it stays that way.

However, down the political sphere a lot of secrets and lies thrive, and the nation suffer a great deal. There is so much strive and rancor among politicians, and their partisans make the nation restive due to the multiplying effect. So much so that it has become impossible to believe the government.

Truth be told, many Nigerians can’t take the truth when it comes to politics? From my standpoint some Nigerians don’t want the truth. That’s why politicians lie. Today, no politician can win by telling the truth. Even if they tell the truth and heaven knows they are telling the truth, some Nigerians won’t still believe because their minds are configured that way due to personal gains.

The atmosphere is heating up ahead of the February 16th election. Believe it or not, some of the presidential candidates for the 2019 general elections don’t want to win; they just want the stage to get famous. Maybe, promote their personal cause. I won’t give anyone the pleasure by mentioning any name but the truth is they won’t tell you the truth since you won’t believe.

PDP lies, APC is not different. Which is worse? I can’t give a score. But, if I tell you that the ruling party with their political twist of word and action is not worse than the unpopular ones or their candidates you won’t believe. Why? Truth don’t win election. “I do have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting” that was the submission of Adedapo Abiodun, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Ogun State on a national television interview. Yet, he has pool of supporters. This is politics!

If all these political tensions and excesses stay with the politicians and government officials, it would have given some of us a little breath of fresh air, but it won’t. The church of God is now practicing same.

All Progressives Congress (APC) is the ruling party, which is the ruling church? Because, the events of the day is preaching a different gospel. Daddy Freeze, Leader of the Free Nation Online Church, is at the other end against the big pastors of renowned churches over the issue of tithe.  Their response have raised doubts among Christians. Brother Ayilara who congregates with Freeze, airs his reservations with his experience in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Bible School arm)- very heartbroken, I must say.

Personally, if everything he said is actually true, I think it is worth probing. A former Lord’s Chosen Pastor is not left behind. On a lighter noted, I must say, Sunday Adelaja, founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, at his own end far away in Ukraine has declared what he calls the “Elijah Challenge” against the Nigerian pastors.

With all these coming up to public scrutiny I wonder if we still have one God. Right now, the trait of secrets and lies, strive and rancor that thrive in politics among politicians is playing out in the church among pastors. And God is watching! Gates don’t thrive against God’s church. If politicians don’t know that pastors should.

Nigerians losing faith in their political leaders while equally losing faith in their spiritual leaders too would be disastrous. We have political parties and politicians that cannot stand each other. Ironically, pastors that are supposed to be the conscience of the politicians can’t stand each other too. Sadly, nowadays the role of the partisan is similar to the role of church members in this whole drama.

How easy it is that believers would flag-off the name of their church than the name of God. Hold the thought, I will talk to you in the second part of this article, soon.

God bless you richly.

By Uwana Michael
Author, “The Hope: The Nigerian Dream Reply”



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