Sheathe Your Swords -Raimi Babatunde


In a land flowing with milk and honey
The people suffer in abject poverty
Craving for a government of inclusion
To forget the ideologies of yester-years

From the evil days of our civil war
To the traumatic regime of themilitary dictatorship
And now to our nascent democracy
All we ask is equity, freedom and justice

Show me a country without internal wranglings
Show me a country of the happiest and best minds
And yet perfect, without blemish
I will show you my country
With over 250 languages
Held solely, by the finger of Divinity

My heart bleeds for our heroes past
Gallant officers gone too soon
My candle dims for our Chibok girls
All we ask is a Messiah in a mortal form
A Moses as promised land is just a stone throw

Beat a child, she will cry
Cheat an adult, he will curse
Deny a wife, she will recoil
Rob a section, agitation beckons
A direct product of a failing Nation

It is true that marriage is not by force
As such makes divorce imminent
The greatest of marriages survived challenges
But the enduring ends in praise

Let our leaders listen to us
The price of negligence is usually calamitous
If Democracy is for the people
Then this Government MUST listen
To the voice of wisdom

The Python can dance its danciest dance
It can NEVER conscript the truth
The Octopus, grip as hard as it may
Even when the Crocodile smiles
We will smile back and dialogue
Yes, dialogue we will

In our discontentment we ask questions
In questionings, we reason together
In reasoning together, we disagree to agree
This is the beauty of democracy
You can as the Athenians

Fellow citizens
Shield your swords
What binds us beclouds divisive rhetoric’s
And hate speeches
Africa will get it right
And the world will stand in awe
And again learn from us
Only then, history will be kind to us

About The Poet

Babatunde Raimi is an internationally published author, life coach and poet. Mentored by Robert Kiyosaki, He has mastered the art of solving economic, educational, political and societal ills by proffering applicable intellectual solutions all over the world.

Raimi can be reached on Tel: 08178827380/08035063895
Facebook: Babatunde Raimi
Instagram: babatunderaimi0000
Twitter: @RaimiBabatunde


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