There was this young, poor and wretched hunter. His family was nothing to write home about. He was very poor and miserable.

ONE DAY, the KING of his village died and when they consulted the ORACLE, this young man was picked to be the next KING despite the fact that his linage has nothing to do with the kingship linage.

ON THE DAY OF CORONATION, he wept so bitterly as he could not imagine the crown being put on his poor head.

After the Coronation, he asked that an extra one room should be built in the Palace compound and the things to be kept in that room are just his catapult, hunting boots, hunting dresses and all his hunting instruments.

ANY TIME he is tempted to be proud, arrogant, think too highly of himself or talk rudely to his subjects, he will go into that room and once he sees all his hunting instruments and dresses; they remind him of his humble beginning and make him humble the more.

He said that, that room is the most beautiful room in the whole palace.

Though what is in that room are not beautiful, but they help him remain humble before God and men. In addition, it also gave him a beautiful and peaceful reign.


FRIENDS, are we not all like this poor, wretched man?

Was it not the MERCY of GOD that turn our NONENTITY to CELEBRITY?

Now you drive latest CARS around, but can you still remember there was a time you don’t even have money to pay for public transport.

How come we now brag of our SUCCESSES, ACHIEVEMENTS and look down on OTHERS who are NOT IN OUR LEVEL?

How come you treat your EMPLOYEES as if you are sure they don’t have a future?

You are quick to forget that, there was a time you were lost in your sins and dead in your iniquities and trespasses?

Your NATURAL or ARTIFICIAL BEAUTY has entered your head now that you see yourself as the best and you call other people ugly fellow.

REMEMBER, if we are not humble, we will surely stumble. We all need to be checking that “ROOM” once in a while.

REMEMBER your PAST and see where God picked you from!

Atimes, check your OLD PICTURES and see how you looked then and compare it with who you are now, THEN, if there is any sense of divinity in you, then you will know that, IT IS OF THE LORD MERCY THAT YOU WERE NOT CONSUMED.


*When you are tempted to be proud, or look down on others, because of your position and material possessions, always go back and check your own “ROOM” of your humble beginning.



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