It’s Never Late -Babatunde Raimi


When I said “Goodbye”
I didn’t mean you should go
I didn’t mean it
I didn’t mean to hurt you
But you got it wrong

Had you looked into my eyes
You will realise what my mind was saying
My lips wanted out
But my mind is stuck with you
My pride beclouded my reasoning

Do you really want to go?
Please stay with me
I really don’t want you to
Can’t you see it?
I adore you my Angelique

Every night, as the birds retire
Chanting sweet melodies
As they journey to their nests
I hear your voice in my head
How I love you so much

Now that we are here
Can we start all over?
I don’t even know how to
I know you love me
Just say “Yes”

If you truly love her
Let love lead
Maybe she still loves you too
Say the magic words
Please forgive me; come back.

As humans, we are fallible
Hence the Porter gave second chance
If you truly want her
It’s never late to get it right
But this time, over a cloud of stars

About The Writer

Babatunde Raimi is an internationally published author, life coach and poet. Mentored by Robert Kiyosaki, He has mastered the art of solving economic, educational, political and societal ills by proffering applicable intellectual solutions all over the world.

Raimi can be reached on Tel: 08178827380/08035063895
Facebook: Babatunde Raimi
Instagram: babatunderaimi0000
Twitter: @RaimiBabatunde


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