INEC’s Integrity, Impartiality Not In Doubt


The Patriotic Presidential Forum (PPF), the umbrella body of some presidential candidates in the forthcoming presidential election, has disagreed with former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on the credibility of INEC to conduct 2019 polls.

The group in a statement by the chairman and presidential candidate of Freedom and Justice Party,  Dr. Onwubuya John A. Breakforth, note that as presidential candidates, they believe in the sincerity, credibility and capacity of INEC to conduct all elections including the presidential polls of 16th February 2019, “otherwise we will withdraw from the polls, if the process is faulty, the outcome cannot be trusted.”

PPF said it has been following INEC preparation process including the awards of contracts for the electoral materials and that the entire preparation process has been transparent and there is serious commitment on the part of INEC to conduct the most freest, fairest and credible elections.

“We therefore, appeal to all Nigerians, our colleagues in the presidential race, political party leaders, political elites and all the candidates and voters to have faith in INEC’s integrity to conduct all the elections. Those leaders, who supposed to be bridge builders but has chosen to overheat the polity, should remember that if this election turns violence, they will be the first to run out of the country and leave the masses to suffer.

We have no other country to run to except Nigeria.

“Once again, we appeal to the former president and other opposition parties to count INEC out of any alleged APC rigging machinery. They should note that every political party contesting must have their legitimate plans to win, if APC is planning to rig, we believe INEC is not aware, INEC should put her machinery in motion to check out all this allegations. Our firm believe in INEC as a commission is not negotiable, the chairman of INEC is a Professor of repute and all the commissioners are Nigerians of proven integrity, we can trust them wholeheartedly.

“Therefore they will carry out their duties with competence and unbending neutrality. We are aware that INEC has perfected all her plans to deploy workable Card Readers and adequate distribution of all sensitive materials to the respectively states, LGAs, Wards and polling units on time and uncompromised.

Therefore, we must stop any negative words or allegations capable of disintegrating our country, which will no longer be accepted.”

PPF however, clarified that it is not speaking for INEC but as a major stakeholder in the process, it wants uninterrupted electoral process.


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