I Hear The Drums Of War -Babatunde Raimi


They have provoked her
The giant of Africa
When you stir the bees nest
You must be ready to dance
On the Cobra’s tail they stepped
Does actions not beget re-actions?

In a sane society
Where human lives are treasured
Shall we continue like this?
Whose score is it to settle?
Do you want us to count scores?
This is not a battle you can win

Who cursed Africa?
Is this the Africa our fore-fathers fought for?
What really is xenophobia
Brother killing Brothers
But they forgot in a hurry
Are these the people we redeemed?

When a pride of lions are led by a Sheep
This is what you get in return
Disregard for human lives
Until their family is victimised
They enjoy in affluence
While we all suffer in abject penury

I have seen Tigers escape from Buffaloes
They stood as one indivisible entity
To defend their territory
Because enough is enough
We are a people of patience
But don’t test the power of Naija

Take the battle to your leaders
Not to fellow Africans
Ask them about their electoral promises
Go to school and get a life
Acquire skills and stay empowered
You’ve got one more shot at peace

Go back to your history books
Read of our exploits during the world war
Google our feats in Liberia
Have you heard about the spirit of Biafra?
That spirit still lives
The one that makes us stronger as one

Sheathe your swords of xenophobia
“Naija no dey carry last”
I hear the drums of war already
But until the beagle sounds
You have one last chance at peace
Take it, before it’s off the table

To our leaders and politicians
Shame on you all
Our blood means nothing to you
Our brothers are sent to Valhala
The house of the Odin God
Our sisters raped and maimed
Shame on you and your generation

And to you the ignorant fool
You kill your fellow Africans
Forgetting we are all flesh and blood
We share the same ancestors and lineage
This is not the Africa Madiba fought for
Shame on you all!

My fellow Nigerians
I come to you in peace
Let us explore diplomacy
They want to turn us against ourselves
Will we allow them?
“Biko, were Ndidi…”

My hands quiver as I write
My pen drips blood
I fear for my generation yet unborn
I see a revolution brewing
But let us go back to HIM
HE is the God of instant judgment

About The Writer

Babatunde Raimi is an internationally published author, life coach and poet. Mentored by Robert Kiyosaki, He has mastered the art of solving economic, educational, political and societal ills by proffering applicable intellectual solutions all over the world.

Raimi can be reached on Tel: 08178827380/08035063895
Website: www.babatunderaimi.com
Facebook: Babatunde Raimi
Instagram: babatunderaimi0000
Twitter: @RaimiBabatunde


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