Bring Back Our gods -Babatunde Raimi


The temple of Justice
House of Lords and judges
The hope of the common man
Is justice really justice?
Especially in Africa
Or it is for the highest bidder?

“If you no get money”
Your case is different
Your case lacks merit
Not enough evidence
I laugh in Chinese
Is there judicial independence in Africa?

Let me even ask
Where is the god of thunder?
Where is the god of iron?
That worked very well for us
With them, the guilty is rewarded with death
“Abeg”, bring back our gods

All in support say “Hi”
No need to ask if you don’t
We serve gods of instant judgement
That sanity may return to Africa
The “Hi’s” have it
Court! All rise!

About The Writer

Babatunde Raimi is an internationally published author, life coach and poet. Mentored by Robert Kiyosaki, He has mastered the art of solving economic, educational, political and societal ills by proffering applicable intellectual solutions all over the world.

Raimi can be reached on Tel: 08178827380/08035063895
Facebook: Babatunde Raimi
Instagram: babatunderaimi0000
Twitter: @RaimiBabatunde


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