Africa On The Move


Insurrections and insurgencies
Maiming and killings
How did we get here?
Africans killing Africans
Was freedom a blessing or a curse?

These ethnic cleansing
Genocidal acts
Betrays our collective objective
A people desirous of peace

How do we seek justice?
In the hands of a dictators
Who have justice in their pockets
Swaying decisions with wads
Or oppression at worse

As the death toll increases
In a continent so naturally blessed
Yet so poor
Who cursed Africa?
That we may go and restitute
These sufferings are too much

At this point
Tired of seeking justice
Which can linger unto death
Especially for the poor
And truly oppressed
We seek peace
A season of quietude

To achieve peace
We must defeat corruption
The biggest enemy of ad…

About The Poet

Babatunde Raimi is an internationally published author, life coach and poet. Mentored by Robert Kiyosaki, He has mastered the art of solving economic, educational, political and societal ills by proffering applicable intellectual solutions all over the world.

Raimi can be reached on Tel: 08178827380/08035063895
Facebook: Babatunde Raimi
Instagram: babatunderaimi0000
Twitter: @RaimiBabatunde


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