Politics: ‘How to achieve Igbo Presidency in 2023’


A member of the Board of Trustees of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Gen. Joseph Okoloagu (retd.), has said politicians from the South-East must strategize if the desire for Igbo Presidency in 2023 must be achieved.

Okoloagu, who spoke on Sunday while addressing journalists on the call for an Igbo Presidency in 2023, urged Ndigbo to strategise to actualise their dream.
He said concerted efforts must be put in place to achieve the desire.

The retired general said unless presidential aspirants of Igbo extraction are in either of the two major political parties in Nigeria, there was no way they can succeed.

He said, “The clamour for Igbo Presidency is germane and I am also for it but Igbo Presidency has to be on a platform.

“We are practising democracy and you can only be elected on a political platform.
“I do know that if the rest of the country are sympathetic to Ndigbo, the only and possible way of getting Igbo Presidency is for the political parties to attempt doing what political parties did in 1999.

“When the military was going away and it was obvious that the government of that time wanted a Yoruba man to succeed it and so the political parties either they talked to them or whatever manipulation, they had all the candidates from South-West. Gen. Obasanjo turned out to be the presidential candidate of PDP, while Olu Falae became the presidential candidate of the SDP.”

He added, “For Ndigbo to actualise the Igbo Presidency, they must be a force in those political parties because power can’t be given on ethnic sentiment but on membership. It requires strategy and tactics like in military combats.”




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